Panel discussion on "How to present your project. Marketing in Cinema"

December 1, 2023

Как презентовать свой проект

As part of the partnership between Eurasian Film Market and the Kazakh Film Festival in France on November 30, 2023, the film market team organized an online panel discussion on "How to present your project. Marketing in Cinema".

The speakers of the discussion were Irina Sosnovaya, Producer of Start video service, Producer of TV series and Co-founder of 1ON studio; David Tuganov, Expert in digital business transformation, change and innovation management, Business Coach of startups, Founder of Transfor Nation; Hana Kazim, UAE film industry specialist, Producer at Wiswas Productions; Shinji Elleazar Manlanit, igital marketing specialist at Alpha Panda; Oksana Shumilo, Producer, legal delivery specialist at Image Nation Abu-Dhabi. The panel discussion was moderated by Elena Larionova Haug, Director of the Eurasian Film Market, NETPAC member.

Speakers shared their experience and expert opinion on the following topics: principles of film presentation and pitching projects; marketing policy of streaming platforms; basics of digital marketing in cinema, showcase; what is legal delivery and its principles on the example of Netflix; behavioral insights and tools of Growth Hacking; TikTok in marketing strategies of the film market.

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