Participants accreditation

Accreditation fee (for all days of the forum) —150 €.

*Payment in tenge, at the rate of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, on the day of payment.


Dates of Eurasian Film Market 2024 - from 14-17 October, 2024.

The organizer of the Eurasian Film Market international film market is the Eurasian Film Market LLP.

The organizer of the Eurasia Film Market independently, in coordination with regular partners and participants, determines the timing, frequency and location of the event.

The organizer develops and approves the concept of the forum and its pricing policy.

The timing of the Eurasian Film Market events is regulated by the Official Program posted on the website of the film market, in the Program section, as well as in official printed and electronic resources.

Venue: Arman Cinema, address: 104 Dostyk Avenue, 050000 Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Official accommodation partners of Eurasian Film Market:

  • Novotel Almaty City Center hotel (Address: 104А Dostyk Avenue, 050000 Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan).
  • Kazakhstan hotel (Address: 52/2 Dostyk Avenue, 050010 Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan).

The Eurasian Film Market accredited participants get a special discounted price for the accommodation.

General rules while attending the Eurasian Film Market

It is forbidden to show disrespect and aggression towards other participants at the film market, as well as to use the film market as a platform for political statements not related to film industry.

During presentations and screenings of films in the cinema hall, photography, videotaping, audio recording, broadcasting on the Internet and social networks is prohibited. It is forbidden to post content prohibited for publication on social media without the Organizer's approval.

The Organizer has the right to confiscate the badge and remove the violator from the venue, cancel his/her accreditation for the entire period of the forum.

Accreditation conditions

Accreditation is granted only to representatives of the film industry with the indication of the company and the type of its activity in the following categories: cinema, online platform, streaming service, digital TV, distributor, sales agent, film fund, film studio, production center, film production company, service company (specifying the type of activity), other (specifying the type of activity).

By accepting the Rules&Regulations, you agree to its rules and agree to receive updates on the regulations, program and news of the Eurasian Film Market.

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